Writing for Footprints in the Sand

Got some content you think would correlate well with Footprints in the Sand's mission and design?
Then you have come to the right place.

I am accepting multiple submissions in my current categories, and more if found. If you would like to submit a piece to Footprints in the Sand, contact me and we'll go from there! As the subject header, be sure to include what category your 'project' fits under (i.e. DIY, photography, story, etc).

The biggest part about guest posting with me is that I want it to be a collaboration between the both of us! I want to get to know you, get to appreciate your style and design, and I'd like you to understand the heart and passion behind Footprints in the Sand. Most importantly, I'd like us to simply have fun with it all!

1. It must be your original work, and must be unique to only Footprints in the Sand (and not have been published previously somewhere else). Once I have published your content, you can link to it from your blog, social media channels, etc (but you cannot give it to anyone else to publish).
2. I'd love for you to include a brief bio with your submission, but I ask that you do not actively promote your own blog or work on Footprints in the Sand. Pretty much because I'll probably be doing that myself, ha!
3. You must really enjoy the process! If you don't, well, I might ask that you seek elsewhere to share your work in the most decorous way possible. Fun isn't everything, of course. But blogging for me is a creative process and an art form that I greatly enjoy doing, and I'd like you to enjoy that process with me. 

Thank you for considering collaborating with Footprints in the Sand!
I hope to hear from you soon!


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