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Inspiring photography muses, all shot and edited by me. 


Guest posts, featured holiday, tips and ideas, featured organizations, artists, music, small businesses, bloggers, and a few other oddities that you will learn about if you stick around. 


Personal posts by me about my life, happenings, epiphanies, thinkings, and all such ramblings. 


Statistics, graphics and charts, the study of logic and reason itself, and really all things logic related (although technically speaking, my entire blog is based on logic. But that's beside the point) will be found here. 

My artistic musings, sketches, and the like. Nothing too extravagant. But all inspired and original work. You'll find my Typography work here as well.

For more of my creative work, check out my ART (#CAKlickaArt) and Typography (#CKTypography) categories on Instagram


Loads of creativeness will be found here. There will be projects from me, and occasional ones from guest bloggers. Projects might include: decorations, packaging, prop styling, cards, books (all types), and more.

Recipes will be by me, as well as a few from other inspiring food bloggers. Many of the recipes on here will have gluten free alternatives. And are all fairly healthy as well as simple recipes (for the most part) using ingredients you'd more likely than not have on hand.

Includes all things literature (stories, poems, quotes, etc) by me, as well as other authors, historians, poets, world leaders, heroes of the faith, past presidents, and really anyone who writes well. 


Mainly this is the news category. It'll consist of posts on all things happening in the world that I feel the need to comment on, but specifically will be posts addressing the issue of human trafficking and sex slavery. Furthermore, it will include issues that are affecting the world and making an impact in our daily (and not so daily) lives (i.e politics, humanities, social and economical changes, etc).


I have read many books, magazines, articles, and so forth in my short life, and have listened to many different types of speakers and teachers. And from those works, I've compiled a plethora of inspiring quotes, and therefore have decided to start this series to share my boatload of compiled quotes with you all.
|| check out the Weekly Quotes intro page for more info.

This is not exactly a series, but it is a compilation of posts that mainly have to do with images/graphics centered around a specific theme (nautical, living boldly, steampunk shoot, album cover art, etc). There will also be posts on my favorite Musical Muses under this tag. And the Weekend Findings tag is also found under Muses.

Back in 2013, I took on the challenge to read one book a week (12 books total) from October 14 until the the New Year. And for each week, I hosted a giveaway of one of my favorite books and some other bookish goodies.
|| check out the 2013 Book Challenge intro for more info.

This'll be a monthly to bi-monthly post of about 10 or so images pulled from my Instagram account. Little snapshots into my day to day life. 


A post about once a month of links I've found throughout that respective month, compiled together in both list and graphic/image format. Each post will include the link, as well as a bit of my commentary on the particular matter.


These will all be posts, monthly to bi-monthly, of the progress of my shot at writing novel.
|| check out the Arbuthnot Brothers intro post for all the details.

This series is under the Lists tag, as well as the Formerly List tag. These posts will consist of small lists such as songs I've been listening to, books I'm reading, titles of future blog posts, and oddities on my desk/bed stand (to name a few). I've found that creating lists of the little things in my life helps to cultivate gratefulness and keep me sane in the busyness that is life.

I will be posting my "favorites" every few weeks. For instance, one week the post might include my favorite song, book, food, etc of the time it is posted. They are changing favorites and do not necessarily account as all-time favorites (although some of them may turn out to be all-time favorites). I am starting this series because I'd like to better document, and therefore better remember and better appreciate all of the things that pique my interest or involve my time. You are very welcome to join me on this creative venture.

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