Friday, February 3, 2017

THE LAST LION || A Series on Winston Churchill

For one of my core classes, I was required to write an essay on political leadership. There were very few guidelines for the essay, the only requirements being that I 1) must pick a political leader, 2) must have a thesis statement, and 3) must analyze said political leader's leadership style as being, in short, good or bad. 

There were a good many candidates for said essay, but I finally narrowed it down to Winston Churchill. I have admired his leadership qualities from afar, but have not spent too much time actually sitting down and learning about what made him great.

When deciding on Churchill, I originally thought to myself, which political leader do I own at least 3 books about? I figured it would be easier to write about someone I already had at least a few books about in my personal library, that way I would not have to go scouring around the library for options or use internet sources (which I am not a particular fan of). 

I came to find out, I actually own 14 books about Churchill. FOURTEEN! When did that happen? I added a few scholarly journal sources to the mix, just to spice things up. But mainly, I stuck to using the plethora of books I owned on Churchill.

So throughout the next few weeks, I will be posting various analytical posts on Winston Churchill, as well as quotes by and about him. I'll also highlight a few of my favorite books on Churchill, should you be interested in learning more about him. And every post I write will be properly sourced and cited under the APA format.

Is there anything particularly you would like to learn more about concerning Churchill? Or perhaps something specific you would like me to discuss/talk about? Comment below and I will make sure to add it into the series!

Ah!! Okay, I'm actually really excited about this! So here goes.

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