Friday, December 11, 2015

My Travels in the City of Quebec || PART I

It's unfortunate. I had all these great plans for Christmasy/holiday posts this season. It was my intention to get back into a semi-regular posting schedule on the blog. Alas, life decided I had better things to do. It is now December 11, and I don't have a single Christmas/holiday post in the Que. So it goes.

But despite not having any holiday posts pre-planned, I will be posting a few posts of my time here in Quebec (which are decently holiday themed because Canada does Christmas pretty darn well). I am here in this pleasant, but chilly, European city as a kind of mini vacation (even though I still have school and work to do). So the photos below are a few of my travelings and sightseeing thus far. And it is my sincere intention to get a few more photo/descriptive posts of Quebec up in the next few days. 

For any European (and specifically French) lovers, Quebec is a great city to visit. It's decidedly European with it's old, Gothic architecture and it's quaint little shops and homemade treats. It's also very Maine-ish, with it's Maple everything and it's numerous options of plaids, boots, scarves, hats 'n such.

Also, did you know that Canadians here in Quebec legitimately speak MOSTLY French. I mean I know Canada has a huge French influence, but most everything here is in French. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I like a good challenge, and I like the feeling that I am in Europe. But if I had known, I could have at least brushed up a little on my French or even have brought a small French/English dictionary with me. My over-planning side is yelling at me right now. Ah well. Tis grand to be here, French communication barrier 'n all.

Au Revoir!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I'm Canadian, but have yet to travel to Quebec.

    Where I live, there is far less French influence, btw. Quebec and Ontario are more French than the rest of Canada, in my experience. :) Many in my community actually speak German along with English.

    I look forward to more pictures! They are simply lovely. I hope you enjoy your time there.


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