Tuesday, November 3, 2015

YOU'RE INVITED || A Ratty & Mole Christmas

Helloooo all! I am so excited to announce a collaboration of the dear Rachel of Inkpen Authoress and I, called:

Here's a bit on what it's all about:
We (Rachel and I) both love Christmas, and creating, and giving, and thought it right to create a place where bloggers (and folks) from all over could come and participate in a Christmas gift swap. 
The name Ratty & Mole came about because the relationship between Ratty & Mole is a most splendid one. So simple and loyal, filled with adventure and wonder, with life and cherishing each day. And Moley and I both would like this gift swap to emulate the very giving, joyful, wonder-filled qualities that the Ratty & Mole relationship has.
Rachel and I have dubbed ourselves as Mole and Ratty (respectively), ever since we had our very Wind in the Willows picnic last year

So, a very Ratty & Mole Christmas Gift Swap was created. And if you were wondering about there being both a Ratty & Mole Gift Swap and a Ratty & Mole Christmas, that's because the R&M Gift Swap part is the title of the main website, and leaves room for other RM gift swap opportunities (which extends beyond just Christmas). And then the R&M Christmas bit is specifically for, well, Christmas time. So there you have it.

We'd just love it if you'd join us in this merrymaking and Christmas giving. All the DETAILS can be found here.

And if you have any questions, email RMGiftSwap@gmail.com.

I do hope you'll participate!

Ratty, aka
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