Tuesday, August 25, 2015

of black and white - muses

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I've been thinking a lot in black and white lately, in that I've come to the point where I've had to define a lot of areas I thought wouldn't ever actually apply to my life. It's been a good time to step back and reassess much of what I took for granted. My values, morals, and even the little things one rarely thinks about.

I've compiled a collage of B&W muses depicting a lot of what is going through my head just now. Be inspired to rethink those things you take for granted. Know what you believe and why you believe it.

It matters.

1. reminds me of the infinite everything of God. and adventures. and venturing into the unknown, afraid of nothing because He is on our side.
2. the sea reminds me to be brave, venture on wilder seas. face the unknown and conquer my fears. plus, whales.
3. working on some new typography designs. this is some of my musings thus far.
4. inspired by some of my heroes, like winston churchill (shown in photograph), c.s. lewis, g.k. chesterton, and so many others. so much to learn from those who've come before us. plus this photo leads to a link of some of the neatest libraries owned by 15 famous men.
5. because life is always this & ... there's so much room for this and something else, so stay open to plenty of "ands". also, typography is my thing just now.
6. getting my photography game on these days, and this particular image is really inspiring. not sure why exactly, but it just is. also, it's reminding me i'm not a fan of guys just now ... long story.
7. may i never forget this Truth. He died so i could live. what truth. trials and pain have nothing on me, for my life is for Him and Him alone.
8. lions remind me of being bold for the Truth. so stand up for all that is good, true, just, lovely, and pure. plus, lions are my favorite animal ever. so.
9. reminds me of the how great our God is. His love, grace, all that He is, is abounding and forever, and so much like a great mountain that you can't quite grasp it's greatness, but you know in your heart it's greater and deeper and stronger than what you may see of it or know of it.

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