Saturday, May 9, 2015

World Fair Trade Day || What You Can Do to Make a Difference

Today is World Fair Trade Day.
It is in your power to change the world by choosing fair trade products.  

international FAIRTRADE Certification MarksYou may think, how can one person really make a difference? Well let me tell you, you have the power to change the world just by being conscious of where you buy your products.

Fair Trade America has put together a list of companies that are fair trade (and who display the fair trade mark). 

Every choice you make is your chance to make a difference for small-scale farmers and workers around the world.

Spread the word today about World #FairTradeDay throughout social media.



Share your favorite fair trade brands, or inspiring quotes about being the change with our friends. You can use the graphic to the left to share about it on Facebook.

Fair Trade America has come up with a few other great ways to celebrate World Fair Trade Day:

  • Join Fair Trade America for a Twitter Chat on May 12th at 2-3pm ET using #FairtradeChat. Answer their questions, as well as ask your own. Engage with the brands that make your favorite Fairtrade Certified products.
  • Enter Fair Trade America's #FairTradeFind Savenger Hunt from now until May 14. There's lots of prizes to win just by posting photos of your favorite fair trade products.
  • Find out if your favorite brand has Fairtrade Certified productsIf not, ask them to go Fairtrade!
  • Join the conversation by using the official hashtag #FairTradeDay
  • Host an event – get your friends, classmates, or co-workers involved by hosting a Fairtrade event! Anything from a Fairtrade coffee and chocolate break to a movie night with a Fairtrade film
  • Get pinning! Make a board with your favorite Fairtrade quotes or products

So go out there, be conscious of how your favorite products are made, and support small-scale farmers and workers around the world. 


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