Monday, April 20, 2015

nothing quite as loyal - WEEKLY QUOTE

Books. If you'd let me, I'm afraid I could go on and on about them. So much adventure, joy, mystery, life is found in books. Here's a snippet from the intro on my library page for an insight into why I love books so much:
"Books are fantastic. They tell the tales of long ago. They create imagery and descriptive accounts of both history and fiction. They tell the stories of brave heroes and fair maidens, of intellectual beings, and stark societies. They tell of adventures in far off lands, and of ones right in your own home. When you pick up a book (if it is a good book) the words will dance right off the page and create, right before your eyes, a whole new world. A world of mystery, fiction, drama, comedy, fantasy, suspense, history, all waiting to be revealed from inside those fantastic pages."

"There is no friend quite as loyal as a book."
-Ernest Hemingway

What's a current book you're reading right now? How about one of your favorite books?

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