Friday, March 9, 2012

Blog Branding - Collages and Muses

First off, I want to incorporate more of my branding into the blog. 
I have not forgotten about this blog and you grand people!

And although it is no good excuse, I have been rather busy as of late. Work, photography shoots, and finishing up getting my license have been keeping me on my toes.

What has your week looked like? Hopefully a bit less busy than mine.

So I've been dying to tell you all that I've got some exciting plans for Footprints in the Sand. S0 keep a lookout for those!

I also have some upgrades to this blog that will be implemented in the next couple of weeks. 

I'll be gone next week for camp, but I hope to have a few good posts to share with you while I am gone (good ole' post scheduling, you know). 

   Here are a few additions that will be coming soon to Footprints in the Sand:

  • MORE Weekend Findings! I know, I know I have been so bad at keeping up with these.
  • More recipes and DIY's. Got some already lined up.
  • Personal artwork! Which will include custom typography pieces and watercolor paintings.
  • Many more posts on bookish things. I love books and literature too much to post only a few times a month. So keep your eyes open for book-related posts. And if you have suggestions in that area, I'll take 'em!
  •  A whole revamp to the blog look. Color scheme below. New tabs/categories (not all new, but am taking away one or two and adding a few new ones). 
  • and MORE
To keep you inspired for the following weeks, here are a few photos of some epiphanies of mine for the revamp of Footprints in the Sand.

^ this color scheme | and this verse = mission

So there you are! I would love to hear your thoughts on everything and anything. 

Hope you have a super week!

All text © 2012 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2012 Hislight Photography

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