Friday, August 1, 2014

Colored Staples DIY

So it might just be me, but it's the little pops off color and sparks of change that really make a day for me. That being said, this post is a tutorial on how to make your own colored staples. Sounds silly, right? But in reality, using colored staples for me is the sprinkles on the cake of my day. It's just that added colored in the office that brightens up my projects, long social media reports, and the like.

So here are all the very simple details on how to make your very own colored staples, because we all know that's on your bucket list of DIYs.

  • Pack of staples
  • Stapler
  • Funky colored sharpies
  • and your creative self

  • Take one of the sharpies (I started out with blue, my favorite color) and a row of staples, and then...wait, wait! Are you ready for this? Okay,
  • the next step is to then color the staples with the sharpie. Make sure you color both the top and sides.

  • And BOOM! You've just created your very own colored staples to spruce up anything you so desire to be stapled.
notes: You can also color a row of staples different colors for a rainbow effect, just make sure to color it from top to bottom and not from side to side.

This picture makes me think of skyscrapers. Weird, huh?

So I hope you have fun with this, and if you're interested I'd love it if you sent me pictures of you using your funky colored staples. Something like, what is the craziest thing you can staple? #crazystaples. Seriously though, I'd love to hear from you. Email me

Go out there and color the world!

All text © 2014 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2014 Charity Klicka Photography


  1. Whoa. So cool. <3 I love your creativity. Now I wish I actually used staples. This makes me happy. ^.^

  2. I was wishing I had gold tone staples and was thinking of driving somewhere to try to find some. Thanks to you I know I already have what I need to make my staples gold.


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