Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Birthday + Rainy Day GIVEAWAY!

So some of you might know, and others might not know, that yesterday was my birthday. I'm now a fresh little 19-year-old that still has a great deal left to learn. But in light of that particular day and the implications it generally provides, and because of these past few days being some of the rainiest, dreariest, coldest days here, I've decided to conduct a giveaway. I'd like to give back to you all as you've been such splendid readers, and besides what better way to brighten a rainy day then to brighten your day with lovely gifts!

All the items I've chosen for the giveaway are ones I love. 

1. 100% recycled notebook. 
2. Your choice of any custom hand-painted art piece of any quote (from Infinity Designs). For more ideas on my typography, look at some of my art samples.
3. 4 tea bags of delicious fair trade green tea from Archer Farms.
4. Full color collector's edition of The Last Battle (C.S. Lewis); one of my very favorite books.

ENTER down below for a chance to win! 
The GIVEAWAY ends May 8 at midnight.

Do something splendid this rainy day!

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  1. Yay! What A Fantastic Idea! I Need To Do A Giveaway Soon. :)

    For Some Reason When I Comment On My Phone It Capitalizes The First Letter Of Every Word. =/

  2. I like to sing a childhood rainy day song, Mr. Foster went to Gloucester.

  3. April showers bring May flowers!

  4. Oh, I love some good rainy day music, such as nora jones, tea, and lots of time to watch the rain fall (:

  5. Ooooh! Taking a walk in the rain, of course! ^.^ And singing "Singin' in the Rain" in a 40's voice. ;)

  6. Run outside and slide in the mud, then come inside and listen to the Piano Guys.


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