Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Break TO-DOs

Spring break, for me anyways, is this week! And guess what that means for this studious girl over here? FREEDOM! Well, not quite. But I will have this whole week without school (still have work though) to do a bunch of things I've been wanting to do for a good while. 

So I've decided to share with you all my spring break to-do list. If you will, it's a mini Summer bucket list. Should I not be able to finish some of these items, you'll definitely be seeing them on my Summer Bucket List (which I'll be posting on the blog in a week or two). 


>> Read at least five books
>> Update Blog bio (if you go to my About page, you'll see it needs updating!)
>> Read/study Bio (BIG test coming up right after Spring Break)
>> Read the looong list of articles I've made (I've found articles over the past weeks, but haven't had much to any time to read them. So I saved them all on a pinterest board)
>> Get into a more consistent workout routine
>> Go to sleep before 10:30 (except on the weekend)
>> Write long letters to dear friends
>> Sleep, sleep, and sleep
>> Get together with friends/family (I already have three to four different get-togethers planned for this week)
>> Experiment with some new recipes
>> Do Senior (high school graduation '13) shoot with Jewel Peach

There you are! Just a few spring break muses of mine. Did/are you having a spring break? If so, what did/will you do? 

Cherrio n' all that!
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