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Q&A | Your Questions, Answered

I love LOVED receiving all your questions these past few weeks! There were some deliciously excellent ones in the batch, and of which I had immense fun answering. If you didn't get a chance to ask your questions, it's never too late! Send 'em on in!

Thank you all for participating! You, people, are just fantastic!


1. Literary character with whom you most identify with?

My word, that's a hard one. Most exceptionally hard. I would say that Lord Peter Wimsey would be the character I wish I most identified with: his charisma, charm, and wit are exceedingly desirable (read my few inspired muses about Lord Peter Wimsey). However, I'd have to go with a mix of Syme from The Man Who Was Thursday and Jo from Little Women

2. Favorite founding father?

George Washington, no doubt about it. But James Madison and John Adams come awfully close. 

3.  Tea or Coffee?

Need you ask? Tea, all the way!

4. Your fashion taste is one word:

Dapper = for guys. Understated = for girls. Although my fashion tastes vary.

>> Here are some great ideas of my kind of fashionstyle. It is really a mix of dapper, classy, understated, funky, and vibrant styles. I am in love with textures (plaids, corduroy, tweeds, wools), I love sweaters (fisherman, cable knit), boots, blazers, tall socks, coats (trenches, peacoats, army, high collars) plaids, scarves (of the wool, plaid variety), trousers, wellies, vests, henleys, and comfy tees >> and just about anything striped (within reason), plaid, tweed, geometric print, and with elbow patches...

5. When/how did you become passionate about the human trafficking issue?

I started getting interested in the issue of human trafficking when I was about 15 (I wish it had been sooner). I learned that human trafficking is also known as modern day slavery, and that it is an atrocious form of social injustice that happens daily worldwide. I was filled with so much sadness and pain at the thought of people who are forced to do hard labor, to sell their bodies for profit, and who aren't able to stand up for themselves. I decided then and there that I would be their voice. I don't have a lot of money or influence, but I have a voice. And that's more than most of them have. I knew that with my dying breath I would fight for their freedom, for their lives. And to the best of my ability, I am fighting human trafficking through raising awareness and funds to combat it; through educating myself and others on the atrocious forms of injustice; and through prayer. I truly don't know what it's like to live until I give my life for someone else.

6. Ever left the country?

Yes, I've been to Canada twice. As for actually over-the-sea traveling, I've been to Germany, Luxembourg, and France. I am dying to visit Europe again, and you can be sure that when I do I will stay in Scotland for at least a good 2 weeks (and most certainly more, if I can spare the time). 

7. Tell me about your love of Scotland?

Oh my, where do I start? Truly, I can't even recall the beginning of my love for Scotland. I really do believe I am a Scot, deep down inside. I am truly in love with the culture, people, language, land, and traditions of Scotland. I love plaids, and green, rolling hills, and mountains, and waterfalls, and fresh air, and farmland, and earthyness. I love it all. I've been learning Scottish-Gaelic for 2+ years now, and can’t tell you how much I enjoy it. Tha mi a’ smaoineachadh falbh Gāidhlig <Ask me what that says! And almost more than anything, I hope to travel to Scotland someday. It is also a secret dream of mine to marry a Scotsman, if a suitable one be found, and have a destination wedding in Scotland. The whole idea of Scotland is one of my inconsolable sehnsuchts.

8. What is your favorite season? Why?

Autumn is my favorite season of the year (although Spring comes right after it), where I enjoy autumn smells, bright colored leaves, comfy sweaters, patched quilts, windy days, laced-up boots, long walks, and ever feel the pull of Lewis's Northerness.

9. I've got to ask: what's your favorite color?

Blue is by far my favorite color. Blue is so fresh, soothing, so alive. Plus the sky and sea are blue (in a manner of speaking), and those are two of my favorite things.

10. Current favorite read(s)?

So jolly glad you asked! I’ve really wanted to share with you all some of my favorite reads this month (end of Jan. to the middle of Feb.). A new read I picked up at my local thrift store is called The Style of a Law Firm: Eight Gentlemen from Virginia (by Anne Hobson Freeman). Despite its rather stuffy sounding title, it is actually an incredibly interesting and intriguing book! It’s a little nostalgic reading about the way the old times where, just a mere 100 years ago. Honor and respectability were in high esteem, and the style of a lawyer was much more respectable than what it has become.

Another new and absolute favorite read is The Locust Effect (by Gary Haugen). An incredible eye-opener book about how the end of poverty requires the end of violence. There are so many atrocious forms of social injustice happening worldwide, and many of them are directly related to violence. This book relates the horrific events, but also provides hope for the poor (and ways WE can do something about it).

And then three old favorites I’ve picked up again this month are:
The Man Who Was Thursday (G.K. Chesterton),
Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis), and
Lord Peter Wimsey (Dorothy L. Sayers)
These 3 are some of my ABSOLUTE favorite reads.

11. Do you have niecelings and nevvies?

Oh I wish! But with 3 sisters married, the prospect of having little nieces and nephews running (or crawling) around isn't too distant. 

12. Have you seen Miss Potter?

I have seen Miss Potter. And although it's been a bit of a while since I've had the pleasure of viewing that particular film, I can recall that after watching it I was filled with an ever growing desire to paint, and write, and repeat. I think it was around that time that painting for me became more than an item on my "wish list". 

13. Your ideal road trip?

My ideal road trip would be driving up the east coast with my best friend(s), drinking iced tea and blaring country and/or indie music all the way. We’d stay a day or two in the northern states (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont): eating crab, donning sweaters and textured trousers, wearing tall boots and beanie hats, and I'd always have my camera in hand. I'd bring a Polaroid and a journal especially for the trip, to document all the adventures.

14. Do you write, besides blogging?

Oh yes. Although my writings consist of your typical types, I have written a few short stories (I prefer writing short stories over novels, most of the time), as well as a boatload of poetry. I also greatly enjoy philosophical writings (and may or may not have a blog completely dedicated to this that is completely anonymous). I also LOVE writing analytic pieces on a range of topics. Writing, I have found, is a grand way to express your thoughts (who knew?), and I mainly use this blog as a form of expressing my aspirations, inklings, and all the "stuff" that goes on in my mind.

15.  Awesome trench-coat or new leather boots?

Oo, that's a hard one. As much as I like both, I'd have to go with awesome trench-coat (think Sherlock). Besides, if I had leather boots I'd want them well-worn and not spanking brand new.

16. Most inspiring story you have ever heard?

Now this question is quite nearly impossible. I have heard so many amazing stories about hope and healing, adventure and finding oneself, forgiveness and grace, justice and standing up for the oppressed...there are so many amazing stories that have left their unforgettable mark on my life that I don't think I could chose just one. 

17. Do you watch crime/detective shows? If so, what is your favorite?

I do! Crime/detective is about the only TV show genre I do watch. My current favorites are Castle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Leverage, Hawaii 5-0, and Foyle's War. 

18.  Thing you are most looking forward to this year (2014)?

Oh, hmm, let me think. Well for one, I look forward to the new and unexpected adventures that await me this year! 2013 was quite a year, filled with plenty of change and a liberal dose of trust, faith, and joy. So I am thinking 2014 is going to also be bringing a lot of trusting and joy, but also some new (and exciting?) changes. I've got a few devious plans up my sleeve (of which I can’t disclose yet), and I will be starting/entering some new seasons in life. Moving, transferring to a 4-year college (with two associate’s degrees), job changes, a wedding, and becoming an aunt are all expected changes in the next year!

19. Are you allergic to anything?

Yes, rather unfortunately. I am not privileged with a fast metabolism and jolly good immune system that can cope with all manner of lovely foods. Gluten (or what is supposed as a gluten intolerance) and dairy, among others, I seldom consume. But I regard such allergies as a challenge to live more deliberately in the life I've been given. 

20. Favorite genre of books?

I’d have to say historical, historical fiction, and mystery. Once in a while I'll pick up a fiction piece (Phantases by George MacDonald, anyone?), but only when I have more time to spare. Historical anything is my favorite. Check out my library for more muses. 

21. What are you passionate about? What drives you?

Seeking justice: defending the orphan, widow, and the oppressed (Is. 1:17). Ultimately what drives me is the unconditional love of my Saviour, and that pushes me to give up my life to serve Him through every single thing I do. I also take incredible inspiration from the sea: sailboats, sea air, adventures, danger and courage, a life lived vibrantly, and the courage to trust our sovereign God with the unknown.

22. Why do you love taking photos?

Oh I love taking photographs! I see photography as a way to engage with the people and cultures around me. It is a way to put myself into others' shoes and to really get outside of my comfort zone. I've experienced so many stories through the art of photography, and there is always room for growing and experiencing life vibrantly through photography.

Can you fake an accent and (more importantly) do you?

Absolutely! Although I don't consider myself an excellent speaker of a variety of accents, I can pretty regularly speak in an English (that is, the European variety) of refined and cockney, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Swedish/Scandinavian (when the moment arises), Italian, and French. I'd like to say I can do a Yorkshire accent, or perhaps Australian. But apart from a few words in each, I am not graced with the speakings of such accents (peoples). As for do I fake such accents? Absolutely! If I were to meet you for the first time, and under the assumption that I would probably never see you again, you can almost guarantee I'd slip into one of the accents above (specifically English, French, or Russian). I consider this sort of thing (assuming another accent while around strangers) as a way to mix-up and add a little adventure to an otherwise typical day.

24. Tell me about your love for books?

Well, I collect old books, particularly favorite classics or history books. I greatly enjoy drinking a good cup o’ tea, snuggling in a comfy quilt, and a reading a good book. I read for pleasure, but I also enjoy reading to learn; such as biographies, maps and graphs, textbooks (yes, even those), analytic studies, timelines, statistics, do-it-yourself(s), and so forth. I am an avid reader of historical work, and would take a historical fiction novel over any other kind, any day. Good, logical, thinking mysteries are among my favorite genres to read. It is nearly impossible to pull me away from a good book.

In summation, I am an avid reader and bibliophile in the entirety of the definition. 

>> Woo, that was exhausting yet jolly good fun answering all those questions! I think you might be able to better understand now where I'm coming from both in my actions and in my writings.

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P.S. I'll add on a few questions to this post, when good ones are sent in. 

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  1. I had such fun reading all your answers! First of all: HOW COOL that you are learn Gaelic. I am not so diligent as to sit down and learn it but that sounds like so much fun. I bet you're far more likely to catch a Scottish man that way than I am. ;) And I think you could totally pass for a Russian. Maybe a Black Widow-type figure? Someday? My imagination is running wild.
    Your personal style: Love it! I think you and I are very much alike and very different all at once. I wish we lived closer and had a better chance of getting to know one another. :P
    Thanks for the story of how you got passionate about the trafficking issue; your example is inspiring. :) And wow! 2014 bodes EXTREMELY busy for you! So exciting. :)


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