Tuesday, February 11, 2014

4 Ways to Love a Little More this Valentines (Part 4 of 4)

4. Get into the Valentine's Day SPIRIT. 

A few ways I've found to get into the Valentine's Day spirit:

      a. Listen to some classical music (all these are on Spotify): Joshua Belle (Violinist, just splendid music), Josh Groban (favorite album this Valentines: Illuminations), Russell Watson (Love Story), Jonathan and Charlotte (La Prima Volta), The Tenors (Lead with your Heart album), and others. If you have any favorite classical listens, I'd love to hear them!

     b. Create some love themed artwork or writings. I've found that painting in reds and pinks, with hearts and swirls, or any other love-inspired themes as greatly helped me to get into the love and giving spirit of Valentines. A plus would be to create some artwork/writings and give it away to your friends, or strangers.

      c. Bake. Try baking some yummy sweet treats (tarts, fudges, sweet cakes, etc) for your family, friends, or just for yourself. Let that sweet aroma fill your week this Valentines.

      d. Read stories/poems of love. Don't just pick up a sappy romance novel from you local bookstore. Try instead to read stories of true love: charitable love, brotherly love, unconditional and selfless love, etc. Check out Joe Wheeler's Heart to Heart series (specifically Heart to Heart Love Stories) for some old and beautiful stories of love. Have any suggestions for good love stories?

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