Tuesday, February 11, 2014

GIVEAWAY + 4 Ways to Love a Little More this Valentines (Part 3 of 4)

3. DO a VALENTINES Challenge (and GIVEAWAY) (borrowed from Sincerely Kinsey): 

I'm made this "Random Acts of Kindness" list I plan on accomplishing during the week of February 14th! It would be fantastic if you joined me on this challenge!

1. Send a hand-written letter to your best friend.

2. Buy the coffee/lunch for the person behind you in the drive-through (this week I am going to intentionally go to a drive-through just so I can pay for someone's order).

3. Surprise a friend or co-worker with flowers!

4. Tip 100% of your bill

5. Visit a place you regularly go to (post office, grocery store, coffee shop, etc) but don't know the folks personally. Bring someone there a small gift (flowers, coffee, chocolate, card, etc), and tell them how you appreciate what they do.

6. Bring in some yummy baked treats for your co-workers

7. Email someone online whom you don't know, but who has inspired you in some way.

8. Bring in a little gift for the person who's cubicle/office is right next to yours (or who shares your work shift with you).

9. Create a piece of artwork or a poem (of the love variety), and give it to someone (stranger or someone you know).

10. And as my last act of kindness, I will be giving away a jolly package full of lovely things to one of you, my dear readers. Just leave a comment sharing how you have or are planning on showing a random act of kindness this Valentines. Or share a story of how someone else impacted your life by reaching out in love. The winner will be announced Monday the 17th!

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