Tuesday, February 11, 2014

4 Ways to Love a Little More this Valentines (Part 2 of 4)

2. Host a Valentine's Day Party/Bash/Celebration

I generally host the Valentine's "Tea" my family and I have every Valentine's DAY (or the weekend of Valentines). 

      a. Family or Husband/Wife Celebration ideas: Be creative with this celebration. Be sure to have plenty of lovely DIY projects (always adds a touch of handmade love to a jolly celebration), include some yummy munchies and at least one semi-elaborate Valentine's themed dessert, and a healthy dose of Valentine's decorations (all simple, but lovely). 

      b. If you don't have a lot of family close by, or aren't celebrating Valentines with them, try hosting a Valentine's bash during lunch hour at your office! When I first started working at HSLDA, I was invited to a monthly Lunch Bunch with a few ladies from the different departments (mine being Communications). It was a monthly lunch (usually during the middle of the month) where a bunch of ladies would get together at lunch hour, share yummy foods, and talk! <I loved it! But the lovely lady who hosted/planned  it (2 ladies were scheduled each month to bring the main meal, and the rest of the ladies brought sides/desserts) was also in charge of just about EVERYTHING to do with HR, and so had to opt out of hosting the Lunch Bunch. I loved it so much I decided to take on the job of hosting it, and have now been doing it for over a year! Anyway, all that to say, hosting a Lunch Bunch type Valentine's Day bash would be a splendid (and fairly easy) way to give a little more and to show a little more love this Valentines. 

>> Consider sending out a little email/event update to a few of the ladies you know in your office and ask them if they'd like to meet-up for lunch hour this Thursday (or the Monday after Valentine's Day) to celebrate Valentine's Day. You can make a simple main meal, and ask the ladies to bring a side or dessert. Added fun would ask the ladies to bring some handmade valentines (just for fun). 

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