Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Book Challenge and Giveaway - Week 4 - CANCELED!

I know you all might be sorely confused about last week's giveaway and book challenge...simply because there wasn't one.

I didn't do a book #giveaway or read a book for my book challenge last week because of Elections (in Va) and obligations. I was campaigning the Monday-Tuesday of last week (4-5), and then the rest of the week (6-10) I had guests over and they deserved my complete attention. And so, I decided to skip JUST one week of the book challenge and giveaway.

But I am starting up the regular schedule this week, and will have a blog post up TODAY! So stay tuned!

And I've love to have some feedback from you all, so I've put up a few polls on my blog to know what is and isn't working with these challenge(s)/giveaway(s).

Also I'd love to meet new people, so head on over to me guest book and say hello. :)

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