Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Are My Hero

Four years ago, today, my daddy went home to be with the Lord. All of the despair I got with his passing is gone, and is now replaced with the hope of seeing him again one day. And yet I still miss him an awful lot. 

But despite his absence, I still have a heavenly father to watch over me and a wonderful family that sticks with me through thick and thin.

I miss you daddy, and I look forward to seeing you one day soon!
Here's a little memoir I wrote this past month about a special memory of my daddy. It isn't much, and it was written in one sitting so there may be a few rough spots:

“Time to get up,” I heard my dad say gently as he shook me awake. I rubbed my sleepy 6 year old eyes and jumped out of bed. I was filled with excitement as I remembered what day it was. Fishing day! There were seven of us siblings, and one day a week my dad would take one or two of us out in the morning to go fishing. This was my morning, and it was a special morning because it was just my dad and I. With anticipation of a whole morning spent with my dad, I clambered quickly into a large pair of rubber boots. My dad waited at the back door with two fishing rods, the bulky tackle box full of lures and rubber worms, and a plastic bag of cold chocolate chip pancakes from the morning before. With quick steps, my dad and I walked down our 2 acre yard to the lake glistening in the early morning sun. Dew drops clung to my rubber boots, and a gentle morning breeze rustled my shoulder length hair. I looked ahead with anticipation of catching a big fish that morning. We reached our homemade dock and began to load our gear into the canoe. As my dad finished loading the canoe, I glanced out around the lake. All the other adjacent houses looked silent and still, as if sleeping beneath the misty sky. Not a sound could be heard nor a movement seen. I climbed into the canoe, slowly lugging my boots out of the mud as they made a sound like rubber suction cups being pulled off a glass window.  Once we floated out into the middle of the lake, I cast my line. *Kurplunk* My lure plopped into the water, creating little waves that I hoped would attract the fish. My dad also cast his line in, sending a smile my way as he did so. As I held the pole between my little fingers, I felt a great pull on the end of my line. With great excitement, I began to use the technique my dad taught me and reeled the line towards me in slow increments through the water. My dad came alongside me and held the pole with me so my 3 ½ foot tall frame wouldn’t get yanked into the water by the force of the fish. With great determination, I held on tightly to the fishing pole and reeled the last of the line out of the water. *zip* The fish shot out of the water and headed straight for me. I let out a little squeal, and tried to dodge the “flying” fish. In the event of trying to not get hit by the fish, I lunged forward towards the edge of the boat and nearly hurled myself into the water. In the nick of time, my dad came to the rescue. He both caught the fish in its flight through the air and grabbed onto my baggy t-shirt at the same time, putting the fish in a bucket of water for safe keeping and pulling me into his arms for safe keeping. I gave my dad a big bear hug and kiss on his scruffy face. Once my dad and I arrived back at the house after our grand adventure, I turned into a big chatter box. I told all my siblings and mom about the great fish I caught, which turned out to only be a 3 inch sunfish and rather common in our lake. But at that time, I couldn’t have cared less if the fish had been 3 feet long. I had caught a fish, and spent the early morning with my daddy. Merely the fact that I knew my daddy loved me was quite sufficient enough.

My Daddy,  

I love you beyond words. What an inspiration and encouragement you've been in my life. You are my hero. Happy Anniversary! You've been with our Lord for 4 years now, although to you I'm sure it's felt like just minutes for time doesn't matter when you're with God. And to think you've got eternity with Him. 

Thank you for being a leader, a father, a friend, an awesome story teller, and a mentor to me, and for being passionate about the Gospel and bringing glory to God. I am walking in your footsteps, and am so excited that I get to see you again one day
Love your daughter,
All text © 2013 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2013 Hislight Photography

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