Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Featured // Album Cover Art Muses

(Album covers L to R, top to bottom) The Courage by Fearful Bones | The Wild by Lewis Watson | Babel by Mumford & Sons | Yearbook: February by Sleeping At Last | Make It Better by Gary Nock | Yearbook: March by Sleeping At Last | Native by OneRepublic | The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North | Lent by The Brilliance |

Some of these albums are by some of my favorite artists (like Tenth Avenue North and OneRepublic), and others are from recently found artists that I've come to enjoy. Each album cover has inspired me in someway, and I hope you will also be inspired in some way.

Here is a favorite song from each album, take a listen!

1. The Wandering Bird from the album The Courage by Fearful Bones:

2. Into the Wild from the album The Wild by Lewis Watson:

3. Broken Crown from the album Babel by Mumford & Sons:

4. Learning Curve from the album Yearbook: February by Sleeping At Last:

5. Make It Better - Single by Gary Nock:

6. Birthright (feat. Jon Foreman) from the album Yearbook: March by Sleeping At Last:

It is incredibly hard to choose just one favorite from OneReublic's new album, Native, so I decided to go ahead and post two favorites (although I really really like the entire CD). 

7. Can't Stop and Counting Stars from the album Native by OneRepublic:

Again, it is really hard to pick just one favorite from this CD (for I really like them all) so I will choose at leats two of my favorites to show you.

8. Worn and Lamb of God from the album The Struggle by Tenth Avenue North:

9. Dust We Are And Shall Return from the album Lent by The Brilliance:

What is some of your favorite albums or album artwork?

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