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Book Challenge and Giveaway - Week 3

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::NOTE:: My reading list (all 12 books I am reading from now until the New Year) can be found on the right side of my blog or here: Book List - Book Challenge & Giveaway 2013.

The BOOK I am reading this week is:

As you all should know by now, I absolutely LOVE Scotland: the history, people, culture, language (Scottish-Gaelic), the land, the food, the smells, even the air! It is an absolutely beautiful and vibrant country, and it is my dream to travel there someday. 

This book captures, essentially, the heart of Scotland. It is a captivating and controversial history of the Highlands that focuses mainly on the people of Scotland. 

What others are saying:

"Formidable...superb...spectacularly audacious" -The Times

"Outstanding...closely argued, cleverly constructed, and best of all, deliciously written." -Literary Review 

"Attacks and defends the personalities of the past with ferocious and infectious pleasure...excellent." -Glasgow Herald 

"Sparkles with gripping details...first-class narrative." -Scotland on Sunday

Well there you go you adventurous reader, you! Go and explore the vibrant, formidable (if at times), fantastic world of Scotland. Join me!

And in honor of the Scottish-ness surrounding the book I'm reading this week (The Wild Scots), I've decided to include a few Scotland muses, INCLUDING one of my favorite songs about Scotland: Flower of Scotland (by Russell Watson).

Enjoy! And do share if you happen to have any favorite Scotland muses.

Flower of Scotland by Russell Watson:

  1. The official animal of Scotland is the Unicorn.
  2. Scotland has approximately 790 islands, 130 of which are inhabited.
  3. Scotland has more than 600 square miles of freshwater lakes, including the famous Loch Ness.
  4. Like Rome, Edinburgh was built on seven hills and the capital has more listed buildings than anywhere in the world.
  5. Scotland is home to the oldest tree in Europe, a twisted yew which has stood in Fortingall for 3,000 years. According to local legend, Pontius Pilate was born in its shade and played there as a child.
  6. The raincoat was invented in1824 in Scotland by Charles Macintosh, a chemist born in Glasgow. In Great Britain, the garment is still called a “Mac”.
  7. The official religion of Scotland is Christianity, with churches traditionally being called “kirks”.
  8. Scotland gained independence in 1314, after Robert the Bruce defeated the English army at the Battle of Bannockburn.
  9. There are as many Scottish people living in North America as in Scotland, with censuses in the United States and Canada identifying around five million people claiming Scottish ancestry.
  10. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads in the world. Around 13 per cent of the population has red hair, with 40 per cent carrying the recessive gene.

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The book for the GIVEAWAY this week is:

Redwall by Brian Jacques

The other goodies I am giving away this week are:

-2 bookmarks from Infinity Designs
-a pack* of  Hot Chocolate
- Other bookish oddities (to be a surprise!)

ENTER down below for a chance to win! The GIVEAWAY ends November 11 at midnight.

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*pack of Hot Chocolate includes 2-4 individual packs, enough to make 2-4 cups of Cocoa


  1. I love the watch in the pictures! Sounds like an interesting book.

  2. This was such an awesome idea!! Reading about the Louisiana Purchase this week :)


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