Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Challenge and Giveaway - Week 2

Hello dear readers! I hope you've enjoyed Week 1 of my Book Challenge and Giveaway. Here's to another week!

::NOTE:: My reading list (all 12 books I am reading from now until the New Year) can be found on the right side of my blog or here: Book List - Book Challenge & Giveaway 2013.

You should totally be just as, if not more, excited about this giveaway as the one last week. And just think, there is still 10 MORE GIVEAWAYS to go!

The BOOK I am reading this week is:

 Calvin Coolidge | by David Greenberg

Calvin Coolidge is one of my past World History Teacher's favorite president, and I thought it would be interesting to read about him (and to figure out why my teacher likes him so much). 

Here is a direct quote from the author, David Greenberg, about Calvin Coolidge:

"When Ronald Reagan moved into the White House, he took down Thomas Jefferson's portrait and put up Calvin Coolidge's. Pundits chuckled. People scratched their heads. Those who remembered Coolidge at all recalled only the cartoon of the grim-faced, tightfisted 'Silent Cal' who presided uncomfortably over the Roaring Twenties. But Coolidge, with his trickle-down economics and commonsense piety, inspired today's conservatism. Employing the new arts of publicity, radio, and movies, he promoted the values of thrift and hard work that many feared were in eclipse. Embodying old-fashioned principles, he reassured Americans that their plunge into modernity didn't have to lead to decadence. Quietly but surely, Coolidge established himself as a pioneer in creating the modern presidency."
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The book for the giveaway this week is:

The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

This is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, books by Shakespeare. Midsummer's Night Dream and Much Ado About Nothing are close on the list. I just love the witty humor of and banter between the main characters Petruchio and Kate. And specifically I love the character Petruchio. My thoughts on the character Petruchio below. ::Spoiler Alert::

  "Goodness, Shakespeare created this character ingeniously. Petruchio, from Taming of The Shrew, is a gentleman from Verona who comes to the city of Padua and hears about a certain shrew named Kate. Being the ever clever and good-humored man that he is, he decides to woo and marry Kate. At first, his motives were purely to get her dowry, but as time goes on he comes to love Kate. He is a type of character that you don't see often. Chivalrous, and yet brutally honest. Has a good head on his shoulders, and treats well those who are under his care. Although an interesting and at times overbearing man, Petruchio possesses unique qualities that few men have" (Literary Heroes, blog post).

The other goodies I am giving away this week are:

-2 bookplates from Infinity Designs
-a pack* of  Spiced Apple Cider (the yummy and powdered kind) 

ENTER down below for a chance to win! The GIVEAWAY ends November 4 at midnight.

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*pack of Apple Cider includes 4 individual packs, enough to make 4 cups of Cider


  1. finished "The Great Little Madison" and am now on to a book about Ferdinand Magellan :) I learned so much about Madison! thanks for coming up with this challenge. .... such a good idea :)

  2. Cool contest/challenge! I loved the movie Taming of The Shrew. :)


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