Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pinterest Muses - August

1. Abandoned Manor house near Paris | 2. Cruise Control | 3. Hordaland Fylke, Norway | 4. Martine Top | 5. Winston Churchill's Study
| 6. Little Orion Embroidery | 7. A
 blue bathtub, need I say more? | 8. Gold Scissors | 9. Doughnuts

Here are a few muses for the month of August. No particular theme, nor are they items/images for fall approaching. They are simply a few inspired muses that I've come across in the past few weeks.

Other happenings in August: College starting | blogging | lots of writing | dear times with family | trusting | crisp air | photo shoot with Sue | painting | heart thinkings | Judah & the Lion | lovely blooms | NEW prints in my Etsy shop | running | laughter | Plenty of Adventures all 'round

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