Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Daily Lives

"It is striking to consider the fact that the infinite God who created all things is not only interested, but invested, in the affairs of our daily lives. In the everyday humdrum events of our routine, God is ever present and steering our course with direction and purpose. Nothing happens except through Him and by His will."

-Alistair Begg

To remember, to take joy in the fact that each and every little care and worry of our lives matter to God. What a beautiful, wonderful thing that truly is. 

With each new week comes new trials and difficulties. But this week seems to have brought a few more than the normal week brings. I won't go into detail for I might be tempted to complain, but know this week has been a "if something could go wrong, it would (and does) go wrong" kind of week. But see, these times are the times where I am again reminded of God's goodness. And of the wonderful truth that God is both interested and invested in my life. And that gives me great joy. 

And another benefit of these sort of weeks and days is that it makes me work harder to find the good in each and every circumstance. A little more effort to get up in the morning, more urging to smile through the pain, to laugh in the shadows, to take joy in the chaos, and to find peace in the storm.

These are good times. Painful, yes. And most tiring on this weary heart. But without hard times, I wouldn't know what it's like to truly live. To thrive and shine. To fight for each breath and work harder for each step.

Be, dear reader. Thrive and shine brightly. Look to the Maker of the stars for your joy and peace in the hard times. Sure the trials will come often, and plague your heart, and knock you to your knees. But we have a sure foundation in God, and the hope in knowing that "...God is ever present and steering our course with direction and purpose. Nothing happens except through Him and by His will" (Alistair Begg).

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