Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Green + Gold Muses

I scanned the lovely images and items that flood the internet, and came upon a few specific items that perfectly fit a gold/darker green theme. So here is a little inspiration board. 
Do enjoy!

1. So I completely adore this bag. Something about the funky geometric print, and then there's the colors of the bag (of course). Technically it is a Navy blue, but who knew, right?
2. You can't get any better than hand-painted notecards, well really than hand-painted anything. So sweet and simple.
3. This is an inspiring image from a talented Flikr user. Something about the foaming water and the deep color of the rock overhang is just gorgeous (and really quite inspiring). 
4. Okay, so who wouldn't like this adorable hand-painted folk owl mug. Just find me one person.
5. A gold lace pattern. Intricate and so gold.
6. This lovely card selection is from Calligraphy Wedding Invitation Collection from Hazel Wonderland. The sweeping fonts are gorgeous, and the colors add a boldness to an elegant set. 

P.S. There is this fantastic dress, here, that fits the theme quite well (but which I didn't have room to include above). It is called a Green Paloma Embellished Dress, by Oasis. 

What kind of color inspirations have you found this week?

All text © 2013 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2013 Hislight Photography

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