Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Formerly - Lists and the Like

   Formerly, in relation to the past two weeks, life has been rather busy. In fact, it still is. Busy with Christmasy anticipation subsiding, New Years anticipation growing, that lovely task called school starting (don't get me wrong, I love school. Just not right now. ;), and my work load ever increasing. It is a good busy, but busy nevertheless. I haven't time for much else. Here are a few of my formerly lists. Creating such lists always help me to stay organized and frankly  just grateful for all I have.

Songs I've been listening to (over, and over, and over, and over)
Worn by Tenth Avenue North
Impossible Dream by Colm Wilkinson
Forever Young by The Tenors
Ocean by Bebo Norman
Into the Open Air by Julie Fowlis
Let All Things Now Living by Michael Card
You Loved Me First by Mikeschair
Able by NeedtoBreathe

Books I am Reading (when I have time)
The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter
The Federalist Papers
To Live Free by Lon Fendall
A Crime So Monstrous by E. Benjamin Skinner
The Scarlet Pimpernel (reading again!) by Baroness Orczy

Things I should be doing right now
Packing for a sleepover
Writing three essays
Cleaning my room
Prepping for a Fantastic Clue party I am hosting (blog post coming soon!)

Oddities in my pockets
Candy Cane piece (been eating a healthy does of these all winter ;)
Chapstick (won't go anywhere without this!)
Hobbit ticket stub
Some random phone number (literally, I have no clue who this is)

Future Blog Post Titles (within the next week or two)
Gillian Stevens - A Heart for Adventure (Guest Post)
NEW Blog Series - Tips for the Aspiring Blogger
Pride and Prejudice Party Details (With the actual party post coming after)

So, these are my formerlies. What are some of your lists?

Signing off,
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