Monday, January 28, 2013

Those Sick Days - Formerly Lists

I am sick today, and therefore I cannot go into work. Therefore, therefore ... I have a lot of time to sit at home and do "stuff". So I racked my brain and made a list of things that need to be done today. Below are my formerly lists. BONUS: I found some lists I wrote a few months ago about prepping for college, the application process, and how to study in general. Hope they will be of some help!

_________FORMERLY LISTS_________

To DO for Today
Blog posts for the HSLDA blog (2)
Print out ConLaw Syllabus 
Brainstorm Etsy details on ::new:: kits (coming soon to my Etsy shop!)
Prep for World History Exam

Valentines Goodies
Start creating Valentines presents for the family
Valentines kit airing on Etsy this weekend 
Create Valentines Day Tea menu

Oh the busyness of this Week
Preparations for a Pride and Prejudice Bash (Feb. 9) I am hosting with friends
Fundraising Promo Video
Starting new classes and ending old ones
Sending out the last of the Save the Dates for Sue's wedding
Cleaning my crazy messy room
Thanking God for you!

_________BONUS LISTS_________

>> High School, College and Beyond
  • Be disciplined every day.
  • Look at your assignment[s] right after class ends. Do what you can do right away, plan for the harder assignments.
  • Start preparing for the final the first day of class by making index cards, timelines, charts, graphs, free-writing to sample questions, etc (might sound a little overachieving, but you'll thank me when you get that A)
  • Always seek help and advice as soon as you need it.
  • Study first, and then have fun. <But be sure to fit in some fun.

>> Interview/Admissions
  • Come prepared with questions to ask
  • Research your respective college and their purpose and know about them before your interview
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Google college interviews (learning from the experiences of other students can really help!)
  • Research and know how to present yourself: appropriate attire, how to address who you'll be speaking to, etc
  • Pray

  • Get involved with the college
  • Find and utilize resources
  • Engage in the community
  • Study and learn with your fellow students
  • Get to know the area and all parts of the respective college in your freshman year
  • Balance your time well between academics and social
  • Be yourself

What are some of your recent lists? Maybe we share some tasks in common.

Signing off,
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