Saturday, November 17, 2012

Washington Needs to Hear From You this Thanksgiving!

   Dear Reader,

Between the national election and a major hurricane hitting the East coast, it’s certainly been an eventful month!

   We’re approaching the end of 2012, but IJM still has work to be done this year. I encourage you to join me (and IJM) in calling on the Senate to help pass two anti-slavery bills before they leave Washington—your action can make a huge impact! Your voice truly matters, and our senators need to hear it from you!

   As I anticipate a Thanksgiving with loved ones, I want to say thank you for all you've done. I am truly proud to serve alongside you and IJM in this fight to end slavery.

Last call to make your voice heard on 2012 human trafficking legislation!

   The U.S. Senate only has until the end of 2012 to pass two critical anti-trafficking bills: the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and the End Trafficking in Government Contracting Act.
We need your help to make sure both of these life-saving bills stay high on Washington’s agenda and come to a vote before Congress adjourns this year.
Washington Needs to hear from you. Your voice matters!
Holly Burkhalter

Holly’s News from Washington

The Washington Post lead editorial on November 7 was titled, “President Obama’s second term: Now the hard work really begins.” As I think about the things our government can and should do to eradicate modern-day slavery, I couldn’t agree more. We need some very hard and sustained work by the President and his cabinet, and we need vision and goals and commitments that we’ve not seen to date.

Your Voice Matters: Meet Daniel DeCecco

"As Wyoming is the only state to not have passed an anti-trafficking law, it has been part of my agenda to get a bill put forward…And so far, I’ve seen many legislators stand very supportive of a bill—and even to see bipartisan support among legislators from different backgrounds has been really encouraging to me. I believe that our government is formed to fight against things like this."
Your Voice Matters,

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