Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 5

  Today I am thankful for our senses. Eyes to see and percieve, ears to hear and to know, mouth to speak and sing, and nose to smell and breath deeply. Can you image life without any one of these senses? I couldn't. I use my eyes to see, to view the beautiful handiwork of the Lord, to take in the colors, the sights and am inspired to create. My ears to hear the sounds of the world: The melodious notes of a symphony, the dancing lines of a jig. My mouth to speak words of life: To speak the truth in love (although I do not always do this), to sing song to the glory of my Savior, to cheer when good has won. And my nose: to smell the red rose, to breathe deeply of the fresh, autumn air, to take a deep breath and be still and know that He is God. I am thankful, ever thankful, to God for providing with my senses. And in return, I offer them to Him to use as His instruments for bringing Good News to the earth.

To know God is what eyes and ears are for.

Seeking Him,
All text © 2012 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2012 Hislight Photography

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