Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankfulness - Day 30

   Today I am thankful for my room. No, it is not normally this messy. Honestly. My room is my little haven away from the chaos of life. There I create, read, read and read (hence the gazillion books in the picture, and that isn't even half of them), sing at the top of my lungs, rock out to Christmas tunes, sleep, spend time with my Father God in devotion, pray for those I love, and build the dreams of tomorrow. Yes, I am thankful God has blessed me with a room, and my very own at that.

All text © 2012 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2012 Hislight Photography

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  1. that's true, there's no place like your own room. lovely post. :)

    P.s. I always love to visit your blog and to read your lovely post. You're such a nice person and very good blogger. :) glad to know you.


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