Monday, June 4, 2012

BE || 3 Tips to an Amazing Blog

There are a few important tips, ideas and useful knowledge to keep in mind if you have a blog or are considering starting one. I am gleaning from a few of my other favorite bloggers to compile this list of insightful information. 

Don't compare. As much as you may want to compare yourself to others when you first start out, or even well into your blogging journey. Fight the temptation to be someone else. As Gillian from The Closet Diaries said, "You need to come to the realization that there will always be someone out there with a nicer blog than yours. Someone will have more experience, better connections, more money or a talent that you don't have." Comparison is truly one of the most crippling things to someone who has taken the risk to share personal happenings in a public way. Now don't get me wrong here, inspiration can be a good thing. But you have to know that there is a definite line between  good and going too far. If you were not inspired in some way by the starting (soon to start) of your blog, I think I might be worried. You'll start comparing yourself to that other blog[s] and soon you'll feel that you are not quite good enough. Be yourself (although so cliche, it is the gospel truth). You were made "fearfully and wonderfully" by your heavenly creator. Live that way. To write a truly great blog, you must come to the realization that you will never be perfect, there will always be someone with more money, more followers, better designs, but there will never be anyone just like you. And you have that amazing opportunity to be yourself. And the very best self that you can be.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Ask yourself questions about your blog. Your experience, what your vision is. Jonathan from Blogging Your Passion explains the "The Hedgehog Blogging Concept". If you want to apply this principle to your blogging journey, then it requires you to ask 3 questions. What are you deeply passionate about (Passion)? What are your natural strengths (Skills & Abilities)? What can you be the best in the world at? What drives your economic engine (Profitable Business Model)? Jonathan explains how you will soon see "where the magic happens". "...[T]he magic happens when you combine all three of these concepts (Passion, Skills & Abilities, and Profitable Business Model). Getting all three of them going is how you move your blog from good to great. Now it is your turn to evaluate yourself with the questions above" says Jonathan. Don't be afraid to ask yourself questions about your blog and where you want to be headed, or where you are headed. Be honest with yourself. 

Find Your Corner of the World. Find the place where you feel at home. Think about what you want your blog to be about, and then stick to that plan. There are a gazillion people out there who blog, so give your blog a name. Something unique to you. Be sure, though, to incorporate the vision of your blog into the name. My blog is Footprints in the Sand, ///a blog of compilation of posts, photos and inspiring muses that tell the story of my walk with Christ. In this blog, I post under a few categories, but specifically it is my walk with Christ and the adventures I encounter along the way. The Footprints in the Sand title is based off of the poem, Footprints in the Sand. Keep a consistent theme for your blog. Fashion, food, design, photography, or lifestyle and stick to it. You will ever a more consistent following of friends. Your followers want to know what to expect from your blog. If it is a specific category, they'll come back again and again. As Gillian said, "If I am interested in seeing a recipe, I don't want to sift through months of random posts to get to it- most likely I would just go somewhere else. So take time to think about the kind of blog yours is." Also be sure to come up with a creative design/theme to your blog. :) Have questions in that area, I can help! (For most of my blogging needs, I have learned it all on my own without any help. So I have a wealth of information to share.)

Those are the main three things to keep in mind when you blog or want to start a blog. Overtime I will be adding to it, so keep looking.

In the meantime, do you have any ideas to share? And blunders committed that have taught you valuable lessons about blogging? I would absolutely love to hear all about it. 

Hope you are having a super day.

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