Thursday, May 17, 2012

NEW JOB || To Learn the Basics 101

I just got a job at HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association).  It will be a little complicated to describe, but I am working currently working in three different departments. I will be doing a mix of photography, web design (html), e-mailing and more. An adventure for sure, but one that I am most heartily looking forward to. 

Today I went in for training for the web department section. Hannah, a lovely gal, taught me the basics on html and how to send out certain formatted e-mails for different conferences etc that needed to be sent out each week for HSLDA. Goodness, that was exhausting but also most certainly worth it. I learned basics like how to put words/sentences in bold, italics, what formatting there is for apostrophes, end-dashes, number signs and the like. How to start a paragraph and end one, and how to integrate links and e-mails. Although it was only elementary basics, I feel like I now know a wealth of information. 

When I got home after an hour and forty minutes of training, my brain was ever so slightly fried. Not that what I was taught was hard, but because it was so many simple terms all at once. Yet I cannot tell you enough how incredibly thankful I am that God brought this job to me. 

For the longest time, I've sort of have this idea that I would someday work at HSLDA. I suppose it has much to do with the fact that my dad worked here (as the first full-time attorney) for over 25 years, so I grew up around HSLDA and now they kind of feel like family to me. I've met many of my dad's coworkers, friends and important people from HSLDA. 

Although there have been many areas in my life that seem to go wrong with family, friends, school and whatnot, my God has still been faithful. And through it all, I will continue to rejoice in the LORD and take joy in the God of my salvation, for He has provided me with an god, solid job working with people whom I love. My God is greater than any of my problems. No matter how hard they seem, He is greater still.

Despite the hardships and trials you may be facing, God is greater still. He will always provide. Always. 

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