Monday, May 21, 2012

DIY - Documenting Stories

There is something about documenting stories through photographs. But how about documenting  stories through photographs and words?

Here is a creative little DIY on creating your very own story book full of photos and words. 

Supplies you'll need: note book {any kind}/any type of medium {markers, pencils, pens etc}/pictures/ and glue. 

1. Get your book out (in this instance, I used a little snap-close notebook I had on hand) and write, paste or glue on your title. I wrote "stories" using your typical sharpie marker.

2. Now on the inside cover of your book, write out exactly what you want the book to be about. It could be a specific theme, event during the year or simply life. I wrote, The epiphanies and musings of life, depicted through photographs. 

3. Next, get out your photos. Lots and lots and lots of them. 

4. Now start gluing your photos into your book. I use glue and also some decorative tape from Michael's to attach my pictures to the book. 

And there you go, a memory documenting book combining both pictures and words. You can mix up the design of this DIY in any way by using different mediums, pictures (of course), notebook[s] etc. If you decide to make a story book, I would love to hear about it! What different designs did you do? Did you add anything to the steps to make it? I always love to hear from my fellow bloggers. 

This book has been super helpful for me. I love taking pictures, but I can't always remember where I took them. Now I can remember where I took them and have a little story to go along with them. This little book has helped me capture memories, and feelings, and such that I would not ordinarily remember upon just looking at the picture by itself.

Have a jolly Monday!

Seek Him First,
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