Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let's Stop Living for the Temporary ||

Why do we continually live for man when it only brings us temporary pleasure? We pay the highest price for what is temporary.


We choose to gain the whole world, and yet in the process we lose our life.

This world is NOT our home, yet we do everything in our power to make it so. 

As Christians we should not be seeking to be tied to this world, but rather we should be tied to Christ—in Him we are truly home.

Yet still we envelope ourselves in the lies of the world, and then say "well hey, I'm a Christian." As if that makes it all right again. We are becoming apathetic. And it seems we are only Christians when it's convenient. But when life gets hard, we'd rather do things our way. We want control, and so God gets pushed out of the picture. 

Why can’t we see we cannot make it through this life without God?

Why do we continually think, “I can do this on MY own. MY way. When I want to”?

Where did the passion go?

Oh dear readers, may you stand strong and not fall prey to this kind of thinking!
Don't become apathetic! Stay strong and firm in CHRIST!

Tie yourselves to the Anchor. When we are tied to Him, we may fall. And it certainly won't be easy. 

But don't loose heart!

He is not going anywhere. 

So let's find the courage to stop living for the temporary and start living for the real!

All text © 2012 Footprints in the Sand | All Images © 2011 Hislight Photography

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