Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day - a bit o' Scottish Heritage

Some of you may know, others may not know that I am currently learning Scottish-Gaelic, and my goodness do I enjoy it. I went to a camp last year and at that camp I met a fantastic girl who has been taking Gaelic for four years. Well, we started talking and I asked if someone could still learn Gaelic. And she said YES!

My response:"Yes? Really? I have always heard that the Gaelic language was extinct."

Well her answer was that the Gaelic language is indeed going extinct, yet nevertheless it is still taught in certain places. And that is when I got the Gaelic bug. I have been interested in Scottish, Irish, and Celtic heritage for ages. Interested in their language, culture and the like, and even more so, in Gaelic . And when I heard that I could learn it, boy, I nearly jumped out of my skin. She gave me the contact information for her Gaelic teacher, and I talked with him and we set up a class. Now every Tuesday night, I have a personal Skype class with him and we learn Gaelic

Have you ever had an epiphany that you have wanted to do, or see, and then it comes true and it BLOWS your mind. Yes? Well now you know how I feel. My grand epiphany came true. 

If you have an epiphany that you think will never happen, don't let go of it. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways. Trust Him with that epiphany and watch where He will lead.

Furthermore, if you have any questions concerning Scottish-Gaelic, I would love to answer them. As well as direct you to Gaelic and Scottish resources (just e-mail me!).

And don’t forget to wear GREEN.

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