Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Thankful for Waiting - Guest Post

/// Guest Post by Chloe from Blooming in Christ

I'm convinced that God has a sense of humor. 

For many reasons. And one of these reasons I have seen God using in my life very recently. God knows I hate to wait. And yet God has been having me do a lot of it. He's requiring my full and complete trust in every area regarding my future. Sometimes the road of waiting is full of uncertainty and fear; but God has been using this season of life to teach me something and change my perspective about waiting.

The idea of "waiting" does not generally produce feelings of excitement or expectation. Conversely, it is usually viewed as a boring time of doing nothing. But I've come to realize that waiting on the Lord isn't passive. Or boring. Definitely not boring.

God purposely uses waiting in our lives. And whether you've realized it or not, each one of your are in a season of waiting right now, especially if you are "single." God has us waiting right now. Sometimes it's hard and sometimes it's no fun. But, you know, I think God is beginning to change my heart about waiting. In fact, I'm beginning to sincerely say that I'm thankful that God has kept me waiting.

Thankful. For waiting. 

It's definitely something only God could work in my heart! When I look around my circle of friends and see cute little couples (I even had a girlfriend getmarried this year!), it's easy to get impatient with God: "Why hasn't He brought someone into my life yet?" But when I stop to see what God is doing in me and why He's having me wait, it makes it a bit easier. I thankful that I'm still single. For right now. Because that's where God has me. I've even come up with three reasons why I'm thankful that God has had me wait, three reasons why I'm grateful God hasn't brought that "special someone" into my life just yet.

I'm learning to cultivate a singular love for God. I believe that God has given me this waiting period to more purposefully devote my full and complete love to Him. Right now, I don't have another individual to devote my love to, so I can focus it all on God. I can never love God too much. And my deepest desire is to have an all-consuming love and passion for God! What better time do I have to do that than now? God is purposeful in every area of life. If He has you waiting, it's for a purpose. So, what are you doing right now to deepen your passion for God? What are you doing with the time God has given you? Are you overflowing with a love for God because He is your singular desire?

I'm learning to root my identity and self-worth in Christ. Not in a boyfriend. Not in another individual. As a "single person" in  culture that idolizes relationships, it often feels like I'm standing alone (literally!). But in doing so, I'm grounding my confidence in Christ. I look to Him for acceptance, not to someone who will stand by my side and hold my hand. Nope. In uncomfortable situations, I have to rely on my security in Christ. Sometimes, I think people have relationships like they do "security blankets." Once they lose it, they completely fall apart. But in this season of my life, I'm learning to identify myself with Jesus.

I'm learning to value marriage even more. Isn't it true that the longer you're willing to wait for something, the more you think it's worth it? If I'm willing to abstain from the "dating game" status quo, I'm placing a higher value on marriage. In the end, marriage will be so much more beautiful if you've held out for it. The longer the wait, the more you demonstrate its worth.

Now, I don't want you to get the impression that relationships are wrong. They're not....when pursued in God's timing. And right now, it's not God's timing for me. But instead of focusing on what I can't do while I'm waiting, I can be focusing on what I can do and what God's purpose for me is in this time. This is just where God has me. And I'm learning to be content, right here in the will of God.

NOTE from Editor: 
I am very thankful for this wonderful post from Chloe. I am amazed she had the time to write it, for as we all know, the holidays are always busy. I want to thank Chloe so very much for her truly beautiful heart. For her patience in waiting upon the Lord to bring her her perfect prince. And furthermore, to thank her for writing this post to encourage other girls and guys in their walk of purity. 


Is waiting really worth it ... really? How many time do we think to ourselves, "Well I could wait,  but then I might lose this guy. And I really like him.". Or, "What if I wait but then my future spouse doesn't?", or "Does it really matter if I wait, I mean everyone else isn't and look at them." These kind of questions are very common, very. Don't feel like you are the only one. We all struggle with these thoughts. But you know what? Your wedding night will be so much sweeter --- and when you find that certain, special someone that God has ordained, how much sweeter will that be --- all because you waited. 

How do you feel about being single? Although at this time in your life, it may be hard to be single {I know, almost all of my siblings are in a relationship and I sometimes feel left out.}, trust me child --- it is so worth it. 

Are you identified with Jesus? Identify yourself with Christ, and when that someone special comes along, he/she will have to know Him before he/she knows you. Let him/her see Jesus in you. Find your purpose in Jesus and the knowledge that he died for you to bring you life. You are washed white as snow and can now come before the thrown of God. He gave His perfect love so that you might know what love is like. The very perfect love is Christ's.

God has your perfect Prince Charming {or princess} waiting for you, will you wait for him/her? So dear child, are you willing to wait for that perfect someone. Are you willing to submit your feelings and your love story to the writer of all love stories. Seek after Him, commit yourself to Him -- and He will bring you that someone in His perfect plan.

Yes it is hard, but we are here to encourage you and prayer for you! You are not alone in your struggle to wait, so stay strong and take hope. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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